Walkie-Talkie 4G


Addressing the instant communication needs of on field & on ground workforce over a long range, PCSS Walkie Talkie offers a secure cloud-based GSM enabled service that lets you establish continuous communication between individual and groups; where a push of a button starts communication & the receiver does not need to answer the call to receive the message.

The teams are no longer restricted by the boundaries of their site or the range of their network as they get all the benefits of push-to-talk technology from radio, with none of the limitations.

Walkie Talkie is the one stop solution for all your instant communication requirements:

  • Rugged Devices with extended battery life
  • Instant & Secure Communication
  • One to One to One to Many Communication
  • GPS location with Geo-Fencing
  • Self-service Management Console for Complete Visibility
  • Voice message recording and playback

Key Benefits

  • Reduced communication cost
  • Nation-wide coverage
  • No Infrastructure cost
  • Reliable and secure communication
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